Advanced Cloud eCommerce infrastructure, so that you can create a successful online business. ShopMania BIZ delivers performance and features for both beginners and eCommerce experts.

Shop design

Changing the layout and the content in your shop has never been easier. You have full control to customize your shop in any way you want, for increased flexibility with regards to design and interface setup.

Advanced settings

The system gives you access to a series of integrated solutions that help cut down costs and improve service quality: payment methods, own domains, emails, shipping services - coming soon, and much more.

Marketing & SEO

For real success, every shop must use the best and newest marketing tools to reach its clients. Your shop receives advanced SEO, integration with Facebook, Twitter, Google applications, shopping portals and more.

Product catalog

Import your products from any type of file, label the new or discounted products, get stock notifications. You can also define additional product characteristics such as size, shape and more.

Performance reporting

Use the reporting system to view detailed statistics for your most important data: total orders' value, best selling products, client statistics and on-site activity.

Order management

Keep track of and export all your orders and pay attention to the ones that generate the biggest revenue. Turn those customers into loyal ones and watch your business grow!

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ShopMania Biz - the Cloud eCommerce solution that you can rely on

Create your online shop now and use an integrated ecommerce platform that offers you all the necessary functionality for building a successful online business. The security of the system is what makes ShopMania Biz a powerful solution. We’re using the best data protection technologies out there, in order to provide you with a highly reliable platform, that is already being used by thousands of online shops.
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Build your own ShopMania Biz online shop

With ShopMania Biz online store builder you can create your turnkey online shop in just minutes and customize it completely, for the most satisfactory results. Don't waste any more time and start using the most effective online shop software! You have hundreds of designs to choose from. Pick your favorite template, upload your logo, select the color palette and the fonts, customize the menus and the content and you are ready to sell.

Advanced search engine optimization for your online store - SEO

Within a short time, your shop will receive powerful search engine optimization, to make sure that your online store gets the highest ranking possible. Use our automatic social media integration with Facebook and Twitter to increase your store's visibility. You can also measure the efficiency of your marketing efforts directly from your ShopMania Biz account, by connecting it to your Google Analytics and to your Google Webmaster Tools (GWT) accounts.

Start selling on the Internet and make money online

ShopMania Biz helps you reduce costs and manage your online business more efficiently. Select the right online payment methods for your online shop, PayPal or Google Checkout, or you can choose to integrate offline payment in your store. You can also use your own domain or a certain subdomain - in both cases we'll provide you with your own customized email addresses, to help you establish your shop's reputation.

Set up your online product catalog

No matter if you are using the shopping cart script or not, add your products easily with the help of the bulk upload function or add them one by one. Mark the price discounts or special offers and use the weight functions, if your shipping costs are based on the total weight of the order. Define additional product characteristics, in order to set distinct prices for different versions of the same product.

Orders management in your online shop

Manage your orders efficiently and make sure you know which ones bring you the biggest profits or which are the best selling products in your online store. Based on the order's total value, you can choose to create and offer discount coupons to the clients that are most valuable to your online business, in order to turn them into loyal customers.

This is what your online business could look like! You can also 100% customize your store, in terms of design or eCommerce features.
Over 5000 shops from 16 countries are using ShopMania Biz. Here are a few of our happy customers, that have made their way to eCommerce success.
We love high standards ... and we'd like to thank our clients for the amazing feedback.

I was already involved in running a classical retail business, a physical store selling bikes and other accessories. I decided to expand my business, so the solution came naturally: let's open an online store! ShopMania BIZ has provided me with all the things I needed: a Cloud infrastructure where I could keep my data safe, an extremely user-friendly interface, full customization of my shop, but also smart tools for managing my business processes.

Andy Torres, General manager

I had very limited knowledge about eCommerce, but despite that, I managed to set up my online shop in just a couple of hours. I activated online payment on the spot, it was that easy to start selling online and it didn't take me more than 5-6 minutes to upload my product catalog. The support team was very helpful along the way and I'd definitely recommend the ShopMania BIZ experience to anyone looking to start selling online.

Betty Trout, Fashion designer

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