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The way we use software nowadays has changed radically. If 10 years ago most applications were desktop-based, the last few years have marked their transition towards web-based models, which allow you to access software and hardware resources by simply using a web browser.

A software application that can be accessed via a web browser and stores your data online (such as email messages or photos) is generically called Software as a Service (SaaS) or Cloud technology.

Most programs we used a few years back (like Microsoft Office, Outlook, Yahoo Messenger and many others) had to be installed on the computer, required frequent updates, occupied hard drive space and were not available on a different computer unless they were previously installed again.

Today most software applications can be accessed with just a simple browser, from any computer, and, in many cases, at no cost. You don’t need to install anything and in case of a computer failure, you can easily recover backups or automatically saved drafts. These are just a few of the basic premises of the SaaS or Cloud model.

While Facebook, Gmail or Google Docs are maybe the most used SaaS applications, there is a great number of other Cloud apps that allow you to do almost anything online - including to create and manage an online shop.

Manage your online business with ShopMania Biz eCommerce Cloud

ShopMania Biz eCommerce solution is also a Cloud or SaaS application - the orders placed in your virtual shop, customers, products and all other information related to your online business are securely saved in the ShopMania Biz servers network and can be accessed with previous authentication at any time and from any device that's connected to the Internet. Therefore, you don’t need to install any app in order to build and manage your online shop, and all the system updates are delivered to you automatically and can be accessed instantly.

By using a Cloud eCommerce solution, like ShopMania Biz, you are free to run your online business from any place and in absolute safety, even from a mobile device.

In order to make it easier to switch from a desktop application to the Cloud or SaaS apps, we also offer integration with other complementary SaaS systems, like Email Marketing apps, Web Analytics, online payment providers, chat apps, billing and much more.

The ShopMania Biz Cloud eCommerce application offers you all the necessary tools to sell online and increase your customer base, transforming your website into an integrated platform that is constantly evolving, together with your business requirements and your customers' expectations.

The benefits of the Cloud system for ShopMania Biz clients

A Cloud eCommerce system can help you build your own online business in a fast and secure way, with minimum investment and without any technical know-how. It's time for eCommerce to become accessible to any entrepreneur with a new business idea.

Unlimited accessibility

Developing a business means being constantly connected. With ShopMania Biz Cloud, you can manage your online shop from anywhere and at any time. A browser and an Internet connection are all it takes to process orders, interact with customers, schedule deliveries or generate invoices.

Security and stability

Security is one of the most important advantages of the Cloud technology. In the ShopMania Biz Cloud system, the data of each client is completely partitioned, so that none of the areas interferes with the others. The connection to the servers is secured according to the highest standards, making sure that you are the only one with access to your data. It's like having your own server, without paying considerable amounts of money.

100% scalability

While your business grows, so will your technical requirements. Unlike open source eCommerce solutions, which would normally require new investments for extending the technical infrastructure, a Cloud eCommerce system will always be ready to efficiently sustain your new volume of clients, orders, traffic and continuously growing product catalog.

Minimal costs or even no costs at all

By using a Cloud solution for your online shop, you don’t need to worry about the initial investments. You don’t need to buy your own server or pay for a separate hosting service. Depending on your business needs, you can always increase or limit the amount of resources you use and also optimize your costs thanks to the scalability of the system.

Fast implementation, in just minutes

Unlike traditional solutions, which can take months of work until you can launch your online shop, by using a Cloud or SaaS model your online shop will be fully functional in minutes and you can start selling immediately.

You also receive real-time system updates and instantly get access to all the new features launched on the platform, without having to invest time and money in their integration, compatibility testing or technical troubleshooting.

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