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What happens to my account after the expiration of the Trial period?

After creating your account, you receive a 15 day Trial period, during which you can test the whole range of functionality available on ShopMania Biz.

Before the expiration of your Trial period, you will have to select one of the paid membership plans, Premium or VIP, in order to keep your access to the advanced functionality for managing your online shop.

If you don’t select any of the paid plans until the expiration of your 15 day Trial period, your ShopMania Biz account will automatically be downgraded to the Basic plan.

The Basic plan allows you to manage your online shop, but you will not be able to access a series of important features for customizing your shop.

None of the information related to your account will be deleted, but if the number of products added to your shop exceeds the limit associated to the Basic accounts (50 products), then some of your products will be automatically and randomly deactivated.

In order to make sure that the products that are of most interest are still displayed in your shop, you can deactivate the products that exceed the Basic account limit before your Trial period ends.

For more information regarding the functionality available for each plan, click here

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