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How can i upload a file to my online shop?

You can upload files with the following extensions: jpg, gif, png, swf, pdf, doc, docx, xls and ppt. The files uploaded must not exceed 10Mb in size each.

The files can be downloaded by your site's visitors by clicking on the links associated with the files. You can add links to different files in the product pages or in any static page that you create.

To upload a file you must use the HTML editor, available for all the editable texts on the website. To upload a file, please select the text where you wish to place a link to the file, click on the Insert/edit link icon and then select the Browse button, located at the right of the Link URL field. Next, click on the Upload icon and select the file that you want to upload. After you see the upload confirmation message, close the upload window and select the uploaded file from the list. To complete the process, click on the Insert icon.

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