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How does the File manager work and how can I upload a file?

The File manager allows you to upload documents to the server and organize them with the help of folders. You can upload files that have one of the following extensions: gif, jpg, png, bmp, swf, dcr, mov, qt, ram, rm, avi, mpg, mpeg, asf, flv, pdf, doc, docx, xls, ppt, txt, htm, html, css, js and that are not greater than 10 Mb in size each.

In order to upload a file to the server, please access the File manager from the Content - File manager menu, click on Upload files from the menu bar, select the file from your computer and then click on the Open button. You can organize the files by creating folders and you can rename, duplicate, copy or delete them. You can also move a file to a different folder. You can perform these actions by clicking on the appropriate icons located on the menu bar.

The File manager also allows you to review your files, by clicking on the Preview button or by double-clicking the file.

You can find out the technical details of each document, by following these simple steps: select the file and click on the Info button. You will be able to see the file size, the date when it was uploaded and the URL where the file can be accessed. This URL can be further used when you wish to add a link to the file on a text excerpt or when you want to include a photo in one of the editable areas of your website.

Once uploaded to the server, the files can also be downloaded. Access the File manager, select the file to be downloaded and then click on the Download button from the menu bar.

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