What are customers groups and how can I use them?

The Customer Groups can help you organize your clients into several categories. You can set a percentage discount for each group of clients that will be applied to all prices on your website, and that will be available only for the clients that have been assigned to that group.

The system allows you to define one of these customer groups types:

- static customer groups; - dynamic customer groups.

Attention! For one store groups can not exist simultaneously both static and dynamic, but you can use only one type of client groups. If you already have defined a static group in the store, and you want to create a dynamic group, you will first need to delete the existing static groups.

You can create a group by accessing the Customers / Customer groups menu.

For the static groups, clients must be assigned manually. The assignment of the clients to a static group is made individually from the client edit page or by using the multiple selection from the Customer / Customers list menu and assigning them to a customer group, by using the More options button.

For the dynamic groups, clients will automatically be included in the group, and the discount will be applied based on the cumulative value of all orders placed by that customer. You can set multiple percentage discounts depending on the range of total value of the orders placed by customers. You can define these ranges and associate discount values when you create the dynamic group. Only the customers that own an account on your online shop can be assigned to a group. The discounted prices will be available only after they log in to their client accounts on your shop. Clients who have made an order using the Quick Checkout system, without creating an account, can not be assigned to a group.

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