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How can I use the Custom fields?

The custom fields allow you to associate additional information to the products or categories and can further be used for template code editing or to help you perform a better management of your product catalog.

The custom fields can be of several types, depending on the type of content they will store:

Text field example:
Table: Products
Eg. field name: prod_color
Eg. field label: Product color
Field type: text

List field example:
Table: Products
Eg. field name: prod_size
Eg. field label: Product size
Field type: list (possible values S, M, L, XL)

File field example:
Table: Products
Eg. field name: prod_specs_file
Eg. field label: Technical sheet
Field type: file

Image field example:
Table: Categories
Eg. field name: cat_img
Eg. field label: Category image
Field type: image

You can use the Custom fields by accessing the Product catalog / Custom fields menu after the app has previously been installed from the Settings / Applications menu.

Important! If a custom field is deleted, the information that has been stored in this custom field will also be deleted, for all the products and categories to which the deleted field has been associated.
After the app has been uninstalled from the Settings / Applications menu, the custom fields that have been added and the information stored in them will become unavailable.

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