How can I install the Facebook Comments app?

In order to enable the Facebook Comments application in your shop, you must first register the app with Facebook and then enter the app identification data in the control panel of your ShopMania BIZ shop.

You can register the app with Facebook by using your Facebook account. However, you will most likely need to submit a series of additionally requested confirmations for your account, in order to receive access to the Facebook applications section.

To register the Facebook Comments application, follow these steps:

  1. Access the link http://developers.facebook.com/setup/. If you are not yet authorized to use the Facebook apps section, follow the indicated steps and further confirm your account by either entering your phone number or credit card number. If you already have access to the Facebook applications section, you will be automatically redirected to the setup page for your new app.
    Depending on certain factors, you may also be asked to register as a Facebook Developer. In this case, please follow the indicated steps for additionally registering as Facebook Developer. Afterwards you will be allowed to create the application.

  2. When creating the Facebook Comments application, you must enter the following information and perform the settings indicated below:
    • Display Name - the public name of the application;
    • Namespace (optional) - the name you enter will be used to generate the application's URL (http://apps.facebook.com/namespace) and to define certain Open Graph actions and objects;
    • Contact Email - the email address where you will receive notifications about the application;
    • App Domains - the URL of the website where you want to integrate the Facebook Comments application (Eg: http://www.Example.com);
    • Sandbox Mode - make sure that you activate the Disabled mode, so that the application can be used by the visitors of your site. Please note that if Sandbox Mode remains set to Enabled, the application cannot be validated by ShopMania BIZ system and cannot be installed.
  3. Save these changes. At the end of the process, you will be able to view the application ID (AppID). Before you continue the setup of the application in your shop's control panel, Facebook recommends waiting a few minutes, so that the changes can propagate to all servers.
To finish the setup of the Facebook Comments application in your shop, go to your website's control panel and access the Settings / Applications section. Identify the Facebook Comments application in the list, start the installation process and enter the application ID (AppID), when prompted.

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