What are the available options for displaying banners on the website?

The banner types that can be added to the site and the available methods for inserting them are the following:

The banners can be displayed on the website in the following positions:

To add a banner on the site, access the Design / Banners management menu and click on the Add banner button. You can choose the desired banner type and its position on the site.

Additionally, if your website front-end is available in several languages, you can select on which language(s) the banner will be displayed. If you have opted in to display a banner on all language versions of your website, the banner will be displayed on all versions as long as there is no other banner set for the same position and for a specific language version, in which case the specific banner will be displayed.

Attention! If you set a new active banner to a certain position and language version that are already in use for another banner, the new banner will replace the old banner, which will be automatically disabled.

Changing the visibility of the banner on the site can be performed directly from the Design / Banners management menu, by selecting one of the Visibility options available for each banner, or from the banner's edit page.

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