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What is Mandrill?

The Mandrill email sending service ensures a high email delivery rate, directly to your clients' inbox. By installing the Mandrill application, both the automatically sent messages (e.g. order notifications, newsletter subscription confirmation, password reset), and other messages (e.g. abandoned carts notifications, invoice sending, order status change) will be sent via the Mandrill system. In order to use this app, you need to have a Mandrill account.

In order to enable the Mandrill application for your shop, you need to access the Settings / Applications section, identify the application in the list, launch the installation process and enter the application key (API Key).

If you do not want to use this application to send automatic, and predefined emails, or you decide to uninstall the application afterwards, these emails will be sent to the store customers through the ShopMania BIZ servers.

The Mandrill system allows you to send a monthly maximum number of emails for free. If this limit is reached, and you do not choose another price plan within the Mandrill platform, these emails will still be sent to the store customers by using the ShopMania BIZ system.

Moreover, each Mandrill account has a number of emails (send quota) that can be sent per hour, based on certain parameters. When this send quota is reached, the following emails will be put on hold, and delivered in the next hour.

For more details on potential monthly costs of the Mandrill system, please access the price plans section on the Mandrill website.

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