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How does the automatic ShopMania Biz service renewal works?

The ShopMania Biz platform offers you the option to automatically renew your service plan and app subscriptions.
The automatic renewal will be performed based on a credit card that you save to your account, after it is validated by a payment in the system. Using the credit card information that you have saved, the system will initiate an automatic payment for the renewal of your services, a few days before your current subscriptions expire.

Important: ShopMania Biz does not store and cannot view your credit card details. The system only stores an identification reference for your card, as provided by the payment proccesor, and this reference will be used only for future payments within your account.

To activate the automatic renewal option for your shop, follow these steps:

- access the Payment setting page, available in the My account section;
- access the Settings button next to the service for which you want to enable this option and click on Activate automatic renewal;
- follow the steps indicated by the system and make sure that in the Upgrade account page, the Enable the automatic membership renewal option is selected;
- finish the online payment by credit card; the automatic renewal will become active for the previously selected services.

The system will initiate the first automatic renewal attempt 3 days before the services expire. If the automatic renewal fails, the system will initiate new automatic renewal attempts until the expiration date of your plan. If none of these attempts can be completed successfully, the automatic renewal option will be deactivated for your shop and you will have to manually renew your service plan or app subscriptions.

To disable the automatic renewal for your service plan or for different app subscriptions, follow these steps:

- access the Payment settings section;
- identify the services for which you want to disable the automatic renewal;
- access the Settings button next to the desired service and click on the Deactivate the automatic renewal option.

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