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How does the Tag Manager work?

The Tag Manager is a feature that allows you to add, configure and manage different tags on your website.

What is a Tag? What is a Trigger?

Tags are HTML / JS codes that allow you to insert certain elements or actions in specific locations of your website (e.g. in order to measure traffic and/or track user behavior on your site, to monitor the performance of certain campaigns, to use remarketing and much more).

Tags can be fired in certain circumstances, on certain pages, following specific actions on the website etc. These events that determine when a tag should be fired are called Triggers.

For example, a tag that measures the number of orders placed on your site, will only be fired when the order confirmation page is viewed (the After Checkout / Thank you page). In this case, the Trigger that fires the tag is represented by a After Checkout / Thank you pageview.

How does the Tag Manager work?

By using this section, you can independently add different predefined tags to your website (e.g. AdWords tag) or custom tags. The custom tags allow you to add the code sequence associated with the tag to your website and to also configure the Triggers that will fire the tag (the circumstances under which the tag will be fired).

What kind of Triggers can I add?

There are 2 kinds of Triggers that you can define:

1. View triggers - the tag will be fired when a certain page is viewed (e.g. view of the After Checkout / Thank you page). You can define a View Trigger based on the following events:

- the view of any page of the website;
- the view of a predefined page (e.g. homepage, product page etc.);
- when the URL of the viewed page matched a certain pattern (URL match - regular expression).

2. Click triggers - the tag will be fired when a click is performed on a certain type of website element (e.g. click on the Add to Cart button). You can define a Click Trigger based on the following events:

- click on any website element;
- click on a predefined website element (e.g. click on the Add to Cart button, click on product image etc.);
- click on a custom website element (e.g. click on an HTML element that has a certain class, certain attribute, ID etc.).

How can I add multiple Triggers for the same Tag?

Start by adding the Tag and the first Trigger. Afterwards, you can add a new Trigger by using the Add option from the Tags list.
If you add several Triggers for the same Tag, please keep in mind that the Tag will be fired when any of the Triggers conditions is met.

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