In order to start shopping, users must first be able to find your online shop in search engines

Our clients that have made it to the first results pages stand as proof, together with their daily sales volumes. ShopMania BIZ provides you with built-in SEO and a range of tools that will boost your shop's performance in searches.

    • Advanced optimization developed by SEO experts
    • Proper use of robots.txt file and editing option
    • Logical and correct use of the nofollow attribute for links and noindex attribute for pages, in order to allow PageRank to pass only to relevant pages and to avoid duplicate conten
    • OnPage optimization (the ability to set title tags, meta tag descriptions, tags)
    • Automatic generation of the sitemap for better search engine indexing and option to edit the sitemap
    • Automatic XML sitemap generation for direct search engine indexing and automatic submission (Google, Bing, Yahoo, MSN and others)
    • API integration with Google Webmaster Tools (GWT)
    • Proper use of tags: H1, H2,..., H6
    • Optimized URLs (rewrite mode) including the product name, category, tag or brand
    • Automatic generation of 301 redirects for modified pages and of 404 pages for missing pages
    • W3C validated HTML
    • Div-based code structure
    • The use of "alt" attributes for images
    • Image names contain the associated product names
    • Simple and clean HTML code
    • Separation of the HTML code from the CSS code and JavaScript
    • CSS and Javascript files hosted on fast servers, for increased page loading speed
    • Applying constant optimization, taking into account the latest search engine algorithm changes
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Your shop's design, just as you want it

Choose one of the templates from our gallery of responsive designs that adapt to any screen size, or create your own unique design. ShopMania BIZ offers you direct access to CSS and HTML, if you wish to set up your own design, or you can always turn to our team of professional designers that will integrate your custom design for you.

    • Extremely simple settings, no graphics knowledge required
    • Free access to our gallery of responsive designs, with W3C/XHTML validation
    • Upload your own logo
    • Optimized graphics for optimal viewing in any type of browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Opera)
    • Option to integrate and use a customized design
    • Full CSS and HTML control over your design, editable directly from browser
    • Edit CSS directly in your browser, from your shop's control panel
    • Multiple revisions for your CSS and HTML files, easy rollback
    • Option to add banners in several formats: image, HTML or flash
    • Access to gallery of editable banner templates
    • Option to activate shop storefront customized for mobile devices
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Setting up your product catalog is so easy

ShopMania BIZ includes all the needed features, so that you can start selling online in just minutes. It's that easy to add products to your catalog, no matter if you choose to add them manually one by one, or by importing them all at once, from a data file.

    • You can sell any type of product (software, fragrances, computers, clothes, jewelry, etc), including digital products (downloadable)
    • Upload entire product catalog from a data file
    • Multilevel category structure
    • Options to group products by categories, brands or tags
    • Publishing of brand presentation pages
    • Image gallery for each product
    • Multiple attributes for each product and option to set up product variants
    • Product or product variant stock administration, including automatic notification when stock levels drop below certain quantities
    • Possibility to define additional fields in the products and categories tables
    • The option to add product descriptions using a WYSIWYG editor
    • Easy-to-use and intuitive management of product catalog data
    • Similar products module, displayed based on the selected algorithm or defined individually
    • Setup of customized taxes, with the option to define default taxes
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An open system gives you access to unlimited opportunities, in an efficient manner

ShopMania BIZ Cloud eCommerce solution helps you streamline the management of your online shop, by providing you with essential tools such as the data import and export options or the ability to connect your shop to other systems or third-party applications.

  • Import products (bulk upload) from TXT, CSV, Excel, XML
  • Export products to predefined or custom formats, to TXT, CSV, Excel and save exported files
  • Clients and orders data export in multiple formats
  • Invoice export, in individual files or in a single concatenated file
  • Access to API resource, allowing for connection to desired third-party systems
  • Optimized product feeds for price comparison websites (,,,,,,,,,,
  • RSS feeds with new products or special offers
  • Access to built-in apps for Chat, Email Marketing, Marketing & SEO and much more

Start using the most efficient marketing tools, already built-in with your shop

The marketing tools that come built-in with your ShopMania BIZ online shop provide you with amazing visibility in search engines or in the social media, create urgency and motivate your customers to place the order and help you increase your sales volumes and order value.

    • Social media integration: Twitter, Facebook, Facebook Store
    • API integration with Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools
    • Insert graphical banners in multiple formats
    • Special promotions system (discounted products, product bundles, free gift products, products with free shipping)
    • Discount coupons system
    • Option to define client groups with preferential prices, based on client history
    • Different icons and positioning for new products, product discounts or special offers
    • Upselling module, based on display of similar products
    • History of abandoned carts, with direct option to contact potential clients by email
    • The users can subscribe to the website's newsletter, easy export of the subscribers' list and integration of Email Marketing applications
    • Display of customer testimonials on the site
    • Customers can add product reviews and reviews, through the default comments system, through Facebook Comments, Disqus or other applications.
    • Storefront available in multiple languages and currencies
    • Access to performance reports and in-depth statistics
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Customize and update the content on your online shop in an instant

An online shop must earn the trust of its visitors, in order for them to become clients. The ShopMania BIZ CMS gives you the freedom to publish all the information that your clients need, in a fast and easy manner. The multiple admin users system helps you keep everything safe and allows only the designated members of your staff to access certain data.

  • 100% web-based administration interface - full access from the most popular browsers (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Opera)
  • Default pages management
  • Option to edit predefined texts and content of automatic notification emails
  • WYSIWYG editor
  • The ability to publish personal pages or links to other sites
  • Generating SEO-friendly pages
  • File upload through the File manager section
  • Contact form that sends notifications to your email
  • Setup of banners and product promotions
  • Multiple admins, with different access levels and separate viewing or editing permissions

It has never been this easy to manage your orders, payments and shipments

Your ShopMania BIZ online shop makes it possible for you to start selling online in just minutes. We offer you built-in offline and online payment systems, you can set up the desired shipping methods and associated costs, you can easily monitor and manage your inventory and last, but not least, our billing system helps you keep everything under control.

  • Extremely simple and efficient process for checkout
  • Quick checkout (no registration)
  • Order confirmation by email at checkout and shipping
  • Advanced order management system
  • Setup of flat or variable shipping rates, based on product weights or order value; setup of geographical areas with free shipping
  • Option to connect shop to shipping services apps
  • Access to offline payment modules and to the most reliable online payment methods
  • Billing system

Turn your visitors into clients and persuade them to come back for more shopping

An efficient checkout system and a well planned loyalty program do wonders in terms of conversion rates. Use the dedicated features that come built-in with your ShopMania BIZ store, in order to draw the attention of your store's visitors and then effectively manage your clients' database.

  • Order placement by quick checkout (no registration needed) or with client signup
  • Client login on shop using Facebook Connect
  • Clients can submit opinions, comments or product reviews, by using the default comments system, Facebook Comments or other applications
  • Monitoring of abandoned carts and option to directly contact potential clients by email
  • Option to subscribe to newsletter, export of subscribers list, connection to Email Marketing applications
  • Export of clients data, including data regarding placed orders
  • Option to define client groups with preferential prices, based on client history

It's time to build your own successful online business, with no restrictions

The flexibility of ShopMania BIZ eCommerce allows you to build and expand your online shop, with no limitations. You can create your custom store design with our HTML editing feature, you can publish your content just as you want it, in terms of both layout and structure or you can connect to third-party applications by using the ShopMania BIZ API.

  • Full CSS and HTML control over your design, editable directly from browser
  • Access to API resource, allowing for connection to desired third-party systems
  • Data exports in custom formats
  • Advanced content management system, allowing for creation of custom pages and file uploads
  • Setup of multiple admin users, with different access levels
  • Option to edit predefined texts and content of automatic notification emails

Stability and security are things you get by default. Your role is to focus on growing the business!

The key to having a successful online business lies in the time that you are able to invest in expanding your business. It's time to stop worrying about technical infrastructures, hosting, servers or downtime, because you will experience the highest reliability and security, under the roof of the same Cloud eCommerce solution. It's time for you to focus on what really matters - making your online business bigger!

  • Cloud eCommerce architecture
  • 100% scalable
  • Advanced protection against hacking attacks
  • Client data protection system
  • Daily data backups
  • Premium hosting, high redundancy
  • Over 99% uptime

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